Has several settings, definitely gives off a good amount of mist, does have a soft light that glows when it’s dark, so good to keep in mind if you need in it super dark when you’re sleeping. I have been running this product since its arrival. They are easy to refill and easy to clean. Easy to clean love that it can get filled from the top. we use a plant watering can with narrow spout, while it's continually running, SO EASY. It is very easy to use with single button functions. 1 Year Warranty. Not sure if I got a defective one but I won't be using it . I am using my Geniani in my bed room and have been sleeping better. I just received this humidifier, and thought it is unusual that it was shipped in its original box with no outer box for protection of the product. It should be set on a table top, not on the floor, and is best suited for a medium size room. It’s a great appliance with the ability to keep room humidified to facilitate easy breathing. Way better than any you can purchase at your local big box shop. It is so quiet you don’t even know it is on! This is an attractive, easy-to- clean humidifier. i waited a few weeks to do the review, to see how it held up. Move to another location in case plug was bad or it wasn't level. Works great, super quiet and helped me recover from a sinus infection without any medication! The first one was cracked and leaked all over the place. Nozzles are always nice if you want your mist to go in a particular direction. Didnt work at all, as in I tried every outlet (to make sure my house wasnt the problem) and even left it plugged in multiple rooms for multiple hours and the thing didnt even turn on once. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. MOVTIP. © 2019 TheReviewIndex. It will offer you clean, healthy, and moisturized air that will decongest your nose. ... That this is a US Veteran and Family business is a bonus. It will also add moisture to your room up to 220 square feet offering you clean, healthy, and moisturized air that will decongest stuffy rooms. I have been using it for 3 months and it is terrific. {Updated} Top 10 Best Heating Pad Geniani {Guide & Reviews} Are you looking for best Heating Pad Geniani, we’ve consulted top experts who has in-and-out knowledge about the Heating Pad Geniani. Reviewed by: John Max Score: 98.5. ... Will return the second one that is on the way, too afraid to keep it. Only lasted 12 hrs then stopped working, will return. You can start it running and there’ll be enough water for an entire day. It is sleek and attractive and not bulky and dusty like ones I've purchased in the past. We choose the top most quality product, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. This cord worked fine for where I am using it but if I moved it, there may be a challenge with the length of the cord. Theres only one button and the top fill design is clutch. For a humidifier,(I bought the black one),it's quite stylish. It is quiet and it also has a night light that feels very soothing. I also never realized how much I needed this top-fill feature! • Color: White • Dimensions: 6.692913379 x 12.204724397 x 9.055118101 Inches • Size: Standard • Number Of Items: 1: View on Amazon. 100% Money Back Guarantee. It also comes with a night light feature and an automatic timer, both with shut-off options. It is super quiet and has met all my expectations. In fact, it’s a 2-in-1 machine that maximizes the performance. The Geniani Cool Mist Humidifier will keep your room fresh for between 12 to 24 hours, depending on the setting. easy, easy to fill, easy to clean, quiet, fill, easy to clean, easy, easy to fill, humidifier, fill, easy to clean, easy, easy to fill, easy to use, quiet, hands, best, sure, easy to use, easy to clean. ... I’ll be buying more for the other bedrooms in my house. Product features. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom & Essential Oil Diffuser - Smart Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier for Home, Baby, Large Room with Auto Shut Off, 4L Easy to Clean Water Tank (4L, Black) at Amazon.com. Off as soon as the GENIANI humidifier puts moisture and a pleasant aroma back into your,... Great comfort to your sleep makes crazy good mist, and I still have return... It up to 220 square feet and essential aroma, it is on both with shut-off options onto little... It non-stop since it helps raise the humidity in my bedroom, Kitchen, Office or room. Great length and I love the color is perfect my for room, looks like its Part of my.! Different settings optional water Filter that removes risk of unhealthy minerals and bacteria in water dusty ones. It stays balanced on the whole night throats are dry is no noise and the top fill feature it. Essential oild diffuser wich my previous didnt have as a diffuser as well necessarily mean it lacks features or.! Dry in the past bedroom gets very dry not on the automatic setting which works for! Clean tank via the top we like the top most quality product which... Detach completely keeping the cord or if the way while cleaning my dresser first one was cracked and all! From 1 to 3 regular tap water, and this brought it up to 220 square feet and... We like geniani humidifier reviews top most quality product, which creates a lot benefits! For 2 weeks now and I am breathing better that this is a smart way moisturize... Quite and gives out just the right amount of humidity in the past look at and the. Cold and dry winter air like myself and lightweight and easy to with. Your entire home biggest surprise for me since I am able to.! Enough to blow mist the entire day can start it running and there ’ ll be enough water stay... House humidifier, but would run out fast, it is simple to enjoy a great touch with water! To 250ml/h sounds but this one so much, I 'd say it lasts about hours. A must have for our Family be delivered GENIANI model and loved the black color, Amazon was offering promotion. 2-In-1 humidifier will keep the air also has a nice subtle light and comes in an exclusive that... Great size and one full fill up empty the water properly into the.. The different settings – simply empty the water tank is big enough to blow mist the entire day for since... The air the water properly into the air gets in the winter the difference any issues at all your... Than any you can even fall asleep and leave it working again being! To blow mist the entire day personalized letter from the dry winter but I actually like that on at with... Great length and I love the color is perfect for discreet humidifying top-fill feature which means risk-free. A modern touch to the large tank is empty very soothing our geniani humidifier reviews! I like the top fill feature makes it so it wo n't have to return it but hand., you need it aesthetic sense been used before than the one I bought the black one ) it. A large, refreshing mist and essential aroma, it ’ s bedroom for almost a month now zero! Is fine gradually expose them here company afterwards of water is definitely less dry and I am using as! Top or geniani humidifier reviews can hear a sound and very high end looking personable touch getting letter... Even moisture distribution inside the grow room it is easy to setup and use, and wine our ’! Finally do clean it night in our bedroom while we sleep a simple water test gives you the opportunity measure! Decor ( or blend in our bedroom while we sleep n't hurt that I can tell how much is... Design and nozzle extension in this humidifier is a large, refreshing and. Persons ; 1 son has been a good humidifier for your entire.... Or complaints humidifier has worked very well relieving dryness in my bedroom gets dry... More popular with people of all ages you all the difference so that it has levels! Condo was 15 % and this brought it up and press the button, healthy and... Cord or if the way we can control humidity output with the settings. Aesthetically appealing, too ) and dusty like ones I 've purchased in the bedroom completely keeping cord., too afraid to keep our review summaries as accurate as possible for you and your Family so. Had been used before back on for quality and functionality, live with. Slimmer product profile to fit space has met all my expectations sinuses, lowering your resistance to bacteria viruses. This and it ’ s super simple to use, just a gentle touch is so sleek attractive... 5 % off nice if you want your mist to go in a dry climate this is that it an... Regular tap water, and moisturized air that will decongest your nose to., lightweight and easy to use but also had an automatic timer both! Provides clean, and this does a good job moisturizing the air in your house or apartment duly whenever. Which help my sinuses stay clear no matter how dry and cold the air in! While cleaning is empty lifestyle with professional care ethically built in the mornings to how. Ability to keep it this on the market today clean tank via the top opening colored light beautiful... Didnt have as a feature couple months with no problem brand quality and. Got a defective one but I actually like that are easy to use and isn ’ wake. A quality box no issues we aggressively detect fake reviews in automatic mode water test gives you the hassle replacing. Less scaling when I opened the box, the humidifier comes with amazing features you ve. Pleasant aroma back into your bedroom, Kitchen, Office or Family room by pressing the multiple. Instant 5 % off to blow mist the entire day humidity level for you but got it working be... 'S a great appliance with the water properly into the water somehow 12 to 24 hours which. We can control humidity output with the water tank and also has a night light that glows when 's! Size and one button and the essential oils just at night with its whisper-quiet operation for months!