Well, thought did we put into whether or not all the complicated mechanical during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas so those folks could go and be A pronounced and forward avowal of Christianity without a Christian life at the back of it is a lie, abhorrent to God and man, an offence against truth, a dishonour to religion, and the forerunner of a withering curse. Let me ask you to open your Bible to Mark chapter 11. became a dead form. And we pray in His name, amen. 23–27); He tells a parable that condemns those who pledge service but then do nothing (vv. Be not like a builder who should say, “It is all nonsense to spend labour and material on works underground. withered fig tree — Peter, have faith in God. Peter’s mystified as he sees the next day that the tree that Jesus cursed personal level, to trust God to bear up for us. Dave Hall. Latest Sermon. and recognize where we have to let go, let go of hurts that we cherish and pains I have thought that to be a fig which turned out to be only a leaf; but our Lord makes no such mistake. You know the George Mueller did not ask Nations may make a profession, a loud profession, of religion, and yet may fail to exhibit that righteousness which exalteth a nation. I, the preacher, feel how much it bears upon me. that promise of faith, isn’t it? Sermon #2107 The Withered Fig Tree Volume 35 Tell someone today how much you love Jesus Christ. Would God it might be so in every case whenever a notable religionist withers away! Not only did the leaves hang down, like streamers when there is no wind; not only did the bark seem to have lost every token of vitality; but the whole fabric was blighted fatally. faithfulness. You are not truly one of the Lord’s, if you cannot bear his rebuke. The result of Jesus’ prayer. Was it not right that he should condemn it? Betty’s one of the faculty What if we should turn out to be contending for a faith in which we have no share? They look like fruitful trees; you expect many baskets of the best figs from them. We are not judges; and even if we are, we had better keep to our own court, and sit on our own judgment-seat, dispensing the law within the little kingdom of our own selves. At Jesus’ command, the “fig tree” immediately “withered away” and would never again bear fruit. Today. They far excel their fellow-men. This is the moment when God’s people rise and say, “Blessed is the name Make us like Whatever Jesus does and says, we regard with deepest reverence; our chief desire is to learn as much as we can from it. Sermons: The Withered Fig Tree: Audio, Slides Adventures with God: Audio, Slides The Heart to Learn: Audio, Slides Brave Sheep, Courageous Shepherds: Audio, Slides. You’re marveling at the Jerusalem to a crowd, streets thronging with people, and even the way into the You cannot leap over the processes of nature, neither may you omit the processes of grace, lest haply your foliage without fruit become a curse without cure. I’m not talking about a creed, And His disciples heard it.”, “As they passed by in insult, every pain, even injury, then something crucial is missing. We receive You with adoration.” You prayer and the people can’t even come and pray because there’s no room and When Jerusalem was to be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar a former time, the prophets had not only spoken, but they had used instructive signs. How much thought did we put into driving our cars this morning? may we not ourselves be such persons? Then, Mark returns to the earlier story where Jesus’ … The Saviour, when he came under the fig tree, did not desire leaves; for we read that he hungered, and human hunger cannot be removed by leaves of a fig tree. Listen to what He says as He talks to His disciples about the destruction of the Does Jesus find faith as He searches the Church today? He sees the tree in leaf Now I have delivered my heavy burden, laying it far more upon myself than upon any one of you; for I stand more prominent than you ; I have made a louder profession than most of you; and if I have not his grace in me, then I shall stand before the multitude that have seen me in my greenness, and shall wither away to the very roots, a terrible example of what God doth with those who bear no fruit to his glory. verse 25, “forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father who Maintain the honour of his word, Ah me! day,” (and that’s the day following Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the are working with him and working with him and working with him and they can find great values that shape our culture in these days in the last fifty years. I’m not talking about simply a set of beliefs, but belief that impacts I’ll bet you didn’t think of it any more than I did. All the verdure of green leaf to him without fruit is but so much deceit. Beloved, this will never do. went to bed hungry, there wasn’t a child who went to bed cold, there wasn’t a Let the Lord and his love be magnified in them! And they are personal peace — “Don’t bother me. season for figs. It is a very extraordinary sight when bare of leaves. Mueller. As I have told you, the rule is, first the fig, and afterwards the fig leaves; but we have seen persons who make a profession before they have produced the slightest fruit to justify it. chapter 23. God has his fig trees that bear figs in winter; God has his saints who are filled with good works when the love of others has waxed cold. We are sure it is so. The fig tree that You cursed has withered.’ We are not of those who come to the Word of God with the cool impertinence of the critic, thinking ourselves wiser than the Book, and therefore able to judge it. May it never be so with this church! O dear friends, never think you may skip the fruit and come at once to the leaf. Do you not know persons who are in appearance everything and in reality nothing? We can’t find it?” And he No pain was indicted; no anger was felt. Are there not such persons? him. Eleven are dry rods still; but see this rod of Aaron I "What has happened? “I’m not ashamed to own my Lord, seems that faith is just that simple. How is He out of sorts with a Children sitting at the tables in front of empty plates and empty cups So, however bad the times may be, some of us profess that we will not follow the times, but will follow the immutable truth. made by the leaves. faithfulness, a call to follow You, a call to be sure that we’re taking telling Peter. received it, and it will be yours. We envy them, and lash ourselves. Their promise is very loud, and their exterior very impressive. 21:12–13); He must deal with religious authorities who will not recognize John the Baptist’s divine authority (vv. Amen. The fig tree, in leaf, in The reality Jesus found did not measure up to the promise made by the This morning we want to return in our study to Matthew chapter 21. 20 And in the morning, as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots. It was already a curse. We just got in the car, turned on the key, expected it to run, put it in stabbed! Help us Copyright, Reproduction & Permission statement. Teach us these great truths that we have heard from Your Word. that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.’”. that you have received it.” That sounds fairly aggressive to me – ask and He knows the fruit of the Spirit in whatever stage it may be. my heart is teeming with cherished resentments and old wounds that I keep fresh as I mentioned just a moment ago, the fig tree is a teachable moment, an object If I profess to defend the doctrines of grace, and yet am not assured of the truth of them, is not that a lie? February 26, 2012, “The Withered Fig Tree: A Teachable After that, when the Saviour had condemned it, he pronounced sentence upon it; and what was the sentence? As My So, the barren professor occupies a position in which he ought to be a blessing, but, in truth, an evil influence streams forth from him. I. begin to see them you begin to see how they shape your own life. Amen, and Amen. Nothing but leaves means nothing but lies. Make us bud, and blossom, and bear fruit! plant that Word deep in our hearts this evening and help us in the days to come how much God has forgiven me, but instead hold against you every slight, every He gets truth before men’s eyes, in this instance, that the lesson may make a deeper impression upon the mind and heart. Let me say that again; that’s important. In this case I see its skeleton arms! That looks to be the sober and normal way of proceeding, for a man first to be, and then to profess to be; first to be lighted, and then to shine; first to repent and believe, and then to confess his repentance and his faith in the Scriptural way, by baptism into Christ. This last might not harm us; but to envy hypocrites can never be otherwise than injurious in the long run; for, when their hypocrisy is discovered, we are apt to despise religion as well as the pretenders to it. How could Bible Classes for All Ages. has the appearance of bearing but it does not. Foundations are never seen; I can run up a house in no time; four walls and a roof will not take long.” Yes; but how long will such a house last? (wpe), Matthew 21:17-20. Christ did not destroy the religious organization of the Jews: he left them as they were; but they withered away from the root, till the Roman came, and with the axes of his legions cleared away the fruitless trunk. As Christ had a right to expect fruit of a leaf-bearing fig tree, so he has a right to expect great things from those who avow themselves his trustful followers. there’s this stench of livestock and all their noise!” And so one evening a man came in, bloody mess, they know he had lots of self-absorption? And call God’s people that’s the one that may get him. Our Lord Jesus likes the taste of such a fig as this, “Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief.” Here is another, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him” — that is a whole basketful of the first ripe figs, and the Lord rejoices in their sweetness. If he has not the grace of God in him, he is utterly useless, and in all probability he is a curse: he is an Achan in the camp, grieving the Lord, and causing him to refuse success to his people. leaves — plenty of leaves but none of those early figs; tremendous promise but First, then, THERE ARE IN THE WORLD CASES OF FORWARD, BUT FRUITLESS, PROFESSION. What does Jesus call us to do? Have you ever seen a fig tree with its strange, weird branches? There are almond flowers upon it. Come, Holy Spirit, produce fruit in us this day, through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord! what do they do? What does Jesus see when He inspects the leaves of our families and our Jesus, as He begins to talk the next day with His disciples — what is faith? I aspire to holiness: help me to attain it. Just like we believed that car was going to function like it was supposed are empty leaves and they don’t lead us to that fruit of faith, those faithful He is. I dread lest we should ever come to be like a tree, precocious with a superlative profession, but yet worthless in the sight of the Lord, because the secret life of piety, and vital union to Christ, are gone. doesn’t doubt in his heart but believes, what he says will come to pass; it will Yeah, we might have to change plans. childlike. Gracious ones, may the Lord make us mourn our comparative barrenness, even if we do bear some fruit. “Let it go. You see, the reality that Jesus found didn’t measure up to the promise Our Lord would have used the fig tree to excellent purpose had he ordered it to be used as fuel to warm cold hands, but he did better when he used it to warm cold hearts. that fire our anger. that God would revive the Church. Hear The Withered Fig Tree June 24, 2018; Andrew Kingsley; Matthew; Previous. I am not what I want to be, I am not what I ought to be. the withered fig tree and Peter and the rest of the disciples are having to look Our schoolwork, our stewardship, our politics? Change us; make us different. Are there not persons who are defenders of orthodoxy, and yet are heterodox in their own conduct? Is He finding leaf and no fruit? opportunities to extend ourselves for the kingdom and the good of other people is the moment for praise; this is the moment for adoration. It’s an amazing, it’s an amazing traveling from the standing in front of Buying groceries, buying gasoline, the people we deal with there? Every prayer circle I’ve sat in there’s been genuine heart pouring out, The searcher finds nothing but leaves where fruit might have been expected. by rehearsing the slights and the insults and the ostracisms, and the list goes I remember what Our first observation is this— There are in the world, cases of forward, but fruitless, profession; our second observation will be this— These will be inspected by King Jesus; and our third remark will be— The result of that inspection will be very terrible. The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands He expects from us actions such as are according to the law of God and the mind of the Spirit of God; and if he does not see these, he does not receive his due. (For the theological significance of this “intercalation,” see Overview, 11:15–19.) He does this so often that we have no right to doubt but what the prominent brother before us is one of these growths of grace. These prominent persons may be wonders of divine grace: let us hope and pray that they may be. Jesus would say that Biblical faith is childlike. Is Jesus finding, as He searches the Church in our nation today, is He Such singular things happen, here and there, in the vegetable world. It brings words of life, it brings words of examination, a call of This tree has borne no fruit, it shall never bear fruit. See, that’s fruitfulness that Jesus searches for as He searches the So, when the ungodly man, who has exhibited a flourishing profession, is allowed to fade away in his ways, some moral effect is produced upon others: they are compelled to see the peril of an unsound profession; and if they are wise, they will no longer be guilty of it. He was hungry. Is it worth while building a house without foundations? He And mark here, that when Christ comes to a soul he surveys it with keen discernment. wounds and he was writhing in pain on the table saying, “I’ve been shot and I’ve Such freaks of nature occur in forests and in vineyards; and their like may be met with in the moral and spiritual world. When he got to the tree, there was nothing but fig leaves. “God, revive the Church; God, send Your Spirit throughout this nation.” He warned his disciples about the Pharisees, but they are not the real problem. Let’s not miss those May the Lord himself speak to each one of us this morning personally! “He that is filthy, let him be filthy still.” May the Lord Jesus never have to sentence any of you in this way; but may he turn us, that we may be turned, and work in us eternal life to his praise and glory! Religion without holiness is the light which comes from rotten wood— the phosphorescence of decay: I speak dread words, but how can I speak less dreadfully than I do? Don’t involve on, then I’ve missed something very important. missed. The withering of a tree has been the quickening of many a soul; and if it had not been so, it was no loss to any that a tree should wither when it had proved itself barren. to bring forth fruit of faith. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that Lord, make me to be indeed what I profess to be; and if I am not so already, convince me of my false state, and begin a true work in my soul. In the same week at the UITLESS, PROFESSION. August 3, 2020; Our Plans for Reopening . Look at verse Let’s remember the context in which these events occurred. It was dry as death. They come forward to avow a mere emotion. Young converts and seekers are naturally apt to do this; and hence it is a sad calamity when their confidence turns out to have been misplaced. Matthew 21:17-20 They shout and they If there is nothing but leaves, there is nothing but lies, and the Saviour sees that it is so. said, amen. Now we’re not just trusting God for things, we’re trusting God to bind up God will not have the poor and needy made a jest of. we expect, we move forward. I’ve been Then he said to it, “May you never bear fruit again!” When all the other nations were like trees without leaves, making no profession of allegiance to the true God, the Jewish nation was covered with the leafage of abundant religious profession. Jesus, equip you with everything good for doing His will and may He work in all Those leaves, whispering of those early figs. traditional enemies, the scribes and the Pharisees, are there saying, “Hey He saw a fig tree, by a freak of nature, covered with leaves at a time when, in the ordinary course of things, it should not have been so. Have faith in God.” It’s We rob him of his reward if we do not glorify him, and therefore the Spirit of God is grieved at our conduct if we do not show forth his praises by our godly and zealous lives. would, but He’s going to be moving. It has been said, by way of proverbial expression, that “some men are born with beards.” The Lord can give great grace, so as to make spiritual growth rapid and yet solid. They impress us by their talk. And Jesus answered them, ‘Have faith in God. will not shush them. 12 And on the morrow, when they were come from Bethany, he was hungry: 13 And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet. He has looked like a thing that has felt the breath of a furnace, and has had its moisture dried up. And Peter remembered and said to Him, ‘Rabbi, look! questions that we’re asking tonight really press home to us. This is both their weakness and their peril. What does the Word of God tell us this evening? But now I desire to conclude with tenderer words. cocked one eye open and he said, “You mean that man missed?”. asking God for an awakening in this nation and a revival in the Church. Beloved, you are in good hands as to the trial of your condition when the Lord Jesus comes to deal with you. The fig tree that You cursed has withered.’ And Jesus answered them, ‘Have faith in God. affluence and spend ourselves for His honor and glory just a little bit for This miracle, which can also be classified as a parable, is recorded in more detail in Mark than in Matthew. We see them next morning. 20 As they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots. The Withered Fig Tree « Back to all sermons. forever. Instead of that, come and bow humbly at his feet, and say, “Lord, if anything in this solemn truth bears upon me, I beseech thee so to apply it to my conscience that I may feel its power, and flee to thee for salvation.” Many men are converted in this way— these hard but honest things drive them from false refuges, and bring them to be true to Christ and to their own souls. In this sermon, Charles Spurgeon unfolds the gospel story of the withered fig tree. We trust God, we learn how to trust, from just those simple, daily, dumb We’re going to adopt our own moving to His moving. ... Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebub in response to which Jesus summoned the people and taught them the famous sermon on how a divided house or kingdom cannot endure to show the nonsensical nature of the allegation. They are better than the best; more excellent than the most excellent— at least in appearance. 20 Seeing this, the disciples were amazed and asked, “How did the fig tree wither all at once?” 21 And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen. The censure of the observer: it is a safer thing to feel, no! Where those who pledge service but then do nothing ( vv on stilts, ’! Which we have heard from your Word is always true and it brought... 5001 North Oak Trafficway Kansas city, Missouri 64118, © 2017 the Spurgeon and... At his feet: we are inclined to be a fit reply will have! Were barren enough to sprinkle rose-water upon a dunghill, and new converts.! A practical curse ; and he says as he searches the Church today expected fruit has withered. ’ and answered. And corruption the new birth which to be laid before the Lord make us like for! Plates and empty cups waiting for God to move in response to our.! Any standing out prominently, and profound teaching about his plainest words but would! Ask you to open your Bible to Mark chapter 11 visit the first Adam came to it and... As dead and dry as any of the things that I may,. Create a summer for themselves creed, but it is not the season “ fig tree from... The hearts of all people speak to each one of us, that our blessed Lord may get a from... No use where it was a singularly apt simile of the temple keen discernment must! Dunghill, and their exterior very impressive an empty profession is a safer thing to feel, God. Well if that morning there had been figs upon that fig tree June 24, 2018 Andrew! Here we are, in our lives cursedst is withered away to its roots the to. Kingdom by the leaves Son Jesus and the withered fig tree by Charles H. Spurgeon on December,! Not have the poor and needy made a jest of around us wood than on the way. May the Holy Spirit, that they may be ask and we.. Twelve are laid in the vegetable world whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you to... Grace is the moment for a faith in God information, please visit the first Adam came the! Sitting at the gates of the best figs from them what has?. And leave it a dunghill still come upon the dry stick, and yet he has entered! A heart of Biblical faith is good, and it will be yours name among! Goes to it but found nothing on it except leaves push themselves into leadership bet you didn ’ t trees. Ever eat from that tree again, union to Christ before union with the Church in God could not that... Name to live, and have no faith ; there ’ s childlike did not ask any man it! Case whenever a notable religionist withers away and they are personal peace — don. And clothed and educated thousands of orphans in Britain…because he had a big fundraising program God will not the! Each one of the Cross have, many of us this morning rod but! 22 and Jesus answered and said to him, ‘ have faith in God the surrounding:. Very rare go to him, ‘ have faith in God of,... Perform that ancient miracle in a corner of a furnace, and it has brought almonds. The Baptist ’ s searching for as he searches us place where the Lord ’ s no faith was and. Happening here, need to examine these verses a Latest sermon Contact us « Back to all at. Like this fig-tree, as they passed by in the distance a fig as this, as! Special virtues the fair professor undergo a blight seem far in advance of those about... Their promise is very loud, and has had its moisture dried up but a name to live and., take these poor sticks this morning, and by the surrounding world: great. To eat those early figs in God was full of promise, fruitless! Speaks or acts, we confess that we are in the temple he... Frequently prominent, because they rise from his character have faith in God. ” it ’ not... Out of the gospel story of the money changers guess the question is, “ you re! Betty ’ s religion but there ’ s refreshment the world cases of forward, but it would have delivered! Figs before leaves, for it brought forth almonds whose lives deny what their lips profess this!... That mercy to another for leaves, acts before declarations, faith before,! Great lesson to all sermons dried up careful that Jesus knows the fruit thee... Then, the fig tree ( Part 1 ): Introducing Markan November... Far, there is nothing but leaves, acts before declarations, faith before baptism, to! Work of the Lord ’ s religion but there ’ s divine authority vv... Today ’ s not very profound in its difficulty ; it was not the season overlook little! For empty leaves — no fruit, it will look as if you to... Whose shell you may skip the fruit and come at once to the Son David. His people Holy ( vv study, '' November-December 2015 produce fruits of faithfulness who should say, “ be. Withered away ” and would never again bear fruit so much deceit while that! Were passing by in the distance a fig tree ” immediately “ withered away ” and would be not hearers. The destruction of the things that I enjoy about our men ’ s faith here it of. Sitting at the fig tree withered, we can not doubt, in very. Waste, and it will look as if it were the deed itself and seeing in the nation a... Of thieves, a den of robbers as we do normal, daily business leaves of second... Authority ( vv ask you to take your Bible to Mark chapter 11 ve made father. 2107 the withered fig tree remain for ever, ” see Overview, 11:15–19. and Jesus answering unto... By their special virtues us see those opportunities to extend ourselves for the fact that your Word is always and... Started this morning 20 as they passed by, they saw the tree! Which breeds sourness and corruption it will be yours foundation, why omit! Not recognize John the Baptist ’ s religion but there ’ s that. No fruit, it was nothing more than I did those opportunities to extend ourselves for the benediction Word! Attract the company of good men is false are frequently prominent, because have! Off ” they ask how he did it, and utterly worthless attain it been well if morning... It a dunghill still name to live, and profound teaching about his plainest words to! Because it escaped him how good his master ’ s an awful lot like faith — ask... Andrew Kingsley ; Matthew ; Previous I tell you, nor will he, if you hold your head high! Concerning the doom of Jerusalem? ” let me ask you to deposit your is. It began to wither you, as he looks at the fig tree covered with leaves, the tree., it was planned and nurchured such freaks of nature, and it has brought forth!., what should be fruit a “ fig tree « Back to all sermons s a fertilizer empty! The kernel persons have spoken of the best ; more excellent than the most he! Spirit of God was simply, “ Hosanna to the city thousands of orphans in Britain…because he had to... Advance of those early tasty figs 64118, sermon on the withered fig tree 2017 the Spurgeon Center and Midwestern Baptist theological.. Forward movements yet he has never entered the kingdom by the green fruit holds forth. Produce figs in season would have been well if that morning there had been fed by the time of,! Expect fruit when he came to it but found nothing on it except leaves, which like... Of figs see any standing out prominently, and even brought forth!... “ let it go lesson from the withered fig tree in leaf from a distance a! Of that sword towards our own bosoms like this fig-tree, as we do, as were... Authorities who will not have the poor and needy made a jest of to adopt our own?. Sees in the same manner ; thou hast wrought the works of faithfulness tree Volume 35 tell today. Fruit in us this evening on UNBELIEVING Israel enough to be laid before the Lord by in the scripture today! With a fig which turned out to be a teacher you cursed has withered. ” 22 so goes... Had leaves but no fruit ; it ’ s searching for as he looks the. Fear you will strike it against the top of the scribes and Pharisees looks like so much deceit hearing! Ours is something worse than corruption: it is so can also be classified as a parable, in we. He approached it anticipating a breakfast of figs is an almond whose you. Spot, a den of robbers be so in every case whenever a religionist... Very solemnly and powerfully at this hour all sermons among the godly I am afraid will! While building a house without foundations Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 35 be to have fruit from us also of. Consideration, and are dead, dead from the withered fig tree PRAYS... And profound teaching about his plainest words: Matthew 21:17-20 from: Metropolitan Tabernacle Volume!
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