The spec itself has nothing to say about it, though HMTL5 did provide support for custom protocol handlers, which allow such a protocol to be used. But the experience offers something that no one else can deliver. With this new features you can make telephone numbers links to dial just like you can with emails. downloadHTML5 1. Creating Phone Number Links. 1. Introducing our latest release of Firefox for Android browser — Firefox Daylight. Or if you're on your phone, send webpages straight to your PC. Enter your phone number with no dashes in the quotes: . Placing font tags between the and the tag. 100% secure payments We support Cards, Wallets, EMI and COD . HTML5 includes protocols such as tel: and mailto: that browsers can use. *Requires a Windows 10 PC running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update and is available only on select Android phones. To make the link open skype to make the call then you need to change the tel attribute to callto:. HTML links - HTML tutorial. Without a value, the browser will suggest a filename/extension, generated from various sources: 2.1.1. At the desk. Here's how to set it up. Customer Service. Defining a value sugges… Few developers are aware that it’s also possible to initiate a phone call from a web page using tel:, and almost no-one is aware that you can do the same thing with SMS messages.. Note the tabIndex, more on this later in the article. Making a phone number clickable is easily done with HTML. The best way to do this is to wrap the number in an anchor tag with the href as tel:thenumber. Now the important part, add tel: to the beginning of the number: Enter tel: followed by your phone number with no dashes. HTML Links : HOW TO MAKE A LINK. Why Huddle Space. AT&T 5G. --> Confirm. The most important attribute of the element is the href attribute, which indicates the link's destination. Though we used a OnePlus 6T to test, dozens of different Samsung Galaxy phone models are also supported by Your Phone. Reliable. Start a task on one of your devices and continue it on another. Secure. Unlimited local calling included. “Since said links don’t work on desktop browsers, it’s probably wise to create a JS snippet to replace spans with a given CSS class with phone links.” Ugh. While tags are most often used to link pages, most developers are aware that they can prompt an eMail by using the mailto: protocol. Author. On your phone if you want to call a number of a web page you would have to copy and paste the number into your phone to dial it. Contribute to waughjai/html-phone-link development by creating an account on GitHub. T here are two methods for doing this:. You can add a special URL to a link so that it will dial the phone. Telephone Number Detection